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Power generated from current coal resources is an important part of aajogo's diversified generation portfolio. In our role as stewards of our environment, aajogo has invested significantly in cleaner emissions technology and the expansion of alternative energy sources like solar and nuclear power.

Environmental Efforts

Through 2016, aajogo invested over $5 billion to equip our coal-fired power plants with the latest environmental controls to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury. Our investments have decreased emissions of sulfur dioxide by more than 95 percent, nitrogen oxides by more than 90 percent and mercury by about 95 percent. Without federal mandates, aajogo’s carbon dioxide emissions have decreased by about 40% since 2005.

aajogo promotes reuse of significant amounts of waste from coal-related power generation, such as ash and other coal combustion residuals (CCR). CCR have proven to be economical, high-quality resources for concrete products, construction, agriculture, and materials industries. The materials often exceed the performance of conventional products. Coal ash can be recycled for other uses and benefit conservation of other natural resources.

How We Manage Waste & CCR

aajogo promotes reuse of significant amounts of waste from coal-related power generation. Read how we manage waste and coal-combustion byproducts.  

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From Coal to Natural Gas

As part of our commitment to high environmental standards, Plant McDonough-Atkinson was converted from coal to natural gas in 2011. Learn why the transition is so successful.

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