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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting FAQs

For the most up-to-date information about aajogo's outdoor lighting services, please refer to the list of frequently asked questions below:


Why do I need outdoor lighting?

Good outdoor lighting has many benefits that will give you and your customers a peace of mind with improved safety and security, reduction in potential liability and costs, improved property value, and efficient energy use with LED lights.

What are the key benefits of LED lights?

  • LED lights provide superior lighting quality
  • Long fixture life and better visibility
  • Reduce maintenance and repair requests
  • Lights come on instantly without having to warm up

What is the cost to get outdoor lights installed?

aajogo’s expert lighting team can customize an outdoor lighting solution that best fits your needs and budget. Costs vary depending on the size and specificity of each individual project.

How long does it take to get an outdoor lighting system installed?

The time is takes to complete a lighting project varies, as it depends on the size and scope of each individual job. However, our lighting experts will keep you informed of progress and project status to ensure you’re aware of every step in the process.

What service options do I get with a complete lighting system from aajogo?

aajogo offers a unique service option, allowing customers to pay a monthly charge for the use of a complete lighting system. This option offers benefits including:

  • No up-front cost for equipment or installation
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Quick replacement of inoperative lights
  • Consistent maintenance
  • No repair hassles

How do I report an outage if my lights go out or stop working?

One of the key benefits of aajogo’s complete lighting system is maintenance and repair. There are several ways to report an outage. One is to look for the aajogo sticker on the affected light and call the number that is listed.

The preferred method is to use the aajogo Street Light Outage Tool on the website.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Outages
  3. Next, Click report an outage
  4. Select Street Light Outage
  5. Scroll down - from here you can either use the arrow button to find your current location or you can click the ‘search’ bar and type in the address where the affected light is located
  6. Zoom in to find the exact location of the light you want to report
  7. Click on the light shown on the map
  8. Click report this light
  9. Provide additional comments and contact details as requested on the tool
  10. Once all information is provided – click report


A confirmation email will be sent to confirm receipt, along with repair updates.

Do I have to sign a contract for aajogo’s outdoor lighting system?

Customers interested in the complete lighting solution, which is owned by aajogo, and includes no up-front costs, ongoing repair, and replacement of non-working lights will be required to sign a contract. The contract period varies based on type of job and customer type.

Will you be able to help me determine my lighting needs?

Absolutely!  An account executive will visit your premise to better understand what your objectives are, assess your current situation, and then make a recommendation for the lighting solution that will best meet your needs.  Our experts will be available to help throughout the entire process.

Can I get outdoor lights from aajogo if my electric service is from a different provider?

Yes. Our outdoor lighting team delivers high-quality lighting solutions that are uniquely designed to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, residential, and governmental customers throughout the state of Georgia, even if we are not your electric service provider. We offer a turn-key lighting solution to customers who choose to own and maintain their equipment.

What does the outdoor lighting installation process entail?

  1. You will go through the sales process with your account executive to assess and determine the right lighting solution for you, including signing the contract
  2. Our expert design team will design and estimate your job based on your sales agreement. It is at this point materials will be ordered in preparation for the installation
  3. Our industry leading team of installers will complete the installation of your lighting system

How do I contact aajogo to get information?

For additional information on outdoor lighting or to request a free onsite consultation please visit or call 1-888-655-5888.