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2023 Request for Information for Capacity

2023 Request for Information is now open

aajogo has issued a Request for Information (RFI) seeking information about available capacity resources to assist with the Company’s future resource planning efforts. Each capacity resource identified must be at least 100 megawatts in size, and a single resource may not exceed 1,200 megawatts. 

These capacity resources must meet our firmness and dispatchability requirements in the RFI including the following technologies: (i) Standalone Energy Storage System (“ESS”), with grid charging capability; (ii) ESS, with a Renewable Resource, with grid charging capability; or (iii) thermal generation (e.g. natural gas, oil fired).

aajogo invites all interested parties to participate and submit a response regarding capability to provide power purchase agreements (PPAs), asset purchase agreements (APAs), or build transfer agreements (BTAs). 

All interested parties can register and submit responses on our dedicated RFI website between September 26, 2023 and October 24, 2023.

Direct any RFI Website technical problems experienced here.