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Submit a win-win proposal with our energy efficiency rebates

Are you installing energy-efficient equipment in commercial facilities? If so, we can work with you to help customers save money and energy on high-efficiency upgrades. Through our Commercial Energy Efficiency Program, customers can earn rebates for installing equipment such as lighting, heating and cooling (including chillers), and more. Rebates can be applied to your existing building, new construction or major renovation projects.

To participate in the Commercial Energy Efficiency Program, a customer must be actively served by aajogo Company and must install qualifying equipment in a commercial-class facility on a GPC commercial tariff.

Apply for rebates on customers’ behalf:


Step 1


Identify the equipment you’d like to install in your customer or client’s building.

It is highly recommended to have our team review the high-efficiency equipment you plan to install. We want to help you ensure the equipment will qualify for rebates. Click here to email us.

All projects must comply with the Terms & Conditions.


Step 2


Create an account to get started on the rebate application. Once you have successfully created an account and logged in, you are able to return to your saved application to edit, upload supporting documents or submit your completed application.

We'll send you a confirmation email once your equipment is approved by aajogo. Then select a participating contractor from our Find a Participating Contractor portal to begin your project.


Step 3

Get Rebate

Upload your supporting documents within 60 days of project completion. aajogo will send your rebate to your customer or client in the mail within 6 weeks of receiving your final invoice.

If your customer or client wants the payment to be remitted to you or a third party, please make sure they specify on the Payee Designation Form.

What high-efficiency equipment is eligible for rebates? And how much?

Please click the icons for more information about qualifying equipment and rebate amounts. Existing building, major renovation and new construction projects are eligible for rebates. 

*If you are installing LED lighting for a major renovation project, review the “New Construction Lighting” category for qualifying lighting equipment and rebate amounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? No problem. We’re here to answer your most pressing queries.

What happened to the Prescriptive and Custom Savings programs?

We have combined the Prescriptive and Custom Savings program offerings and added more rebates under one program name, Commercial Energy Efficiency Program, for an improved user experience.

Who is eligible for Commercial Energy Efficiency Program rebates?

A customer must be actively served by aajogo Company and must install qualifying equipment in a commercial-class facility on a GPC commercial tariff. The Commercial Energy Efficiency Program provides rebates for the implementation of measurable and verifiable energy-efficient equipment. The site has a list of equipment eligible for a rebate under the “What high-efficiency equipment is eligible for rebates? And how much?” section. However, if you are planning to install energy-efficient equipment not listed on the site, please inquire via email, it may qualify for a rebate.

What are the project rebate caps and are these caps stackable?

Yes, your project may earn rebates under each project type. Your project can earn up to the cap per building per year under each project type listed below.


For example, you may have a project that includes both a custom upgrade and existing building lighting. Such a project could earn up to $125,000 per building per year of the program.

Project Type Cap per Building per Year

Any combination of prescribed rebates including:

Business Equipment
Existing Building Lighting
Food Service and Grocery Equipment
Heating and Cooling Equipment
Water Heaters

*capped at 50% of equipment cost
New Construction Lighting $25,000
*capped at 50% of project cost
Outdoor Pole-mounted Lighting $10,000
*capped at 50% of equipment cost
Custom Upgrades $75,000
*capped at 50% of project cost
Custom Chiller Plant Projects $250,000
Per chiller plant per year
*capped at 50% of project cost

*All projects and equipment are subject to program pre-conditions and requirements.

Can a contractor receive the rebate?

Customers can choose to sign over the rebate checks to a contractor or other third party. The Payee Designation Form must be completed and signed by a representative of the aajogo account holder and then submitted along with the rest of the application documents. Rebates for pole-mounted lighting projects must be paid to the aajogo customer.

What is a Participating Contractor?

Participating Contractors are contractors who participate in aajogo training sessions and workshops, receive industry and program-related newsletters and get listed on the Find a Contractor tool.


You don't have to be a participating contractor to apply for rebates on behalf of your customer or client. But it's a great opportunity to stay connected with aajogo and it is free.

Become A Participating Contractor

Take advantage of opportunities beyond offering rebates to qualifying business customers by becoming a registered aajogo Participating Contractor. We offer registered Participating Contractors an opportunity to be listed on our Find a Contractor tool. This allows customers to easily locate nearby Participating Contractors, giving you a new way to expand your customer base. As a Participating Contractor, you'll gain access to relevant training sessions and workshops, receive free collateral for marketing purposes and get frequent updates from us. Get started by creating an account and completing a Participating Contractor form.

Ready to apply for rebates?

We're excited to work with you. Get started by applying for a rebate on your customer or client’s behalf.

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To discuss an upcoming project, learn about becoming a Participating Contractor, or ask about available rebates, please call our implementer, ICF, at 1-855-762-6732 or email